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2 months ago · by · Comments Off on Man Swarmed By Abandoned Kittens in Viral Video Receives Outpouring of Help

Man Swarmed By Abandoned Kittens in Viral Video Receives Outpouring of Help

A heartwarming video went viral of a Louisiana man surprised to find a stray kitten in the middle of the road, then being swarmed by a dozen more kittens. The 43-second-long video starts as a person steps out of their car and points the camera at a small kitten that was wandering on the side of the road. As the man proceeds to pick up the kitten, the camera turns to reveal a stampede of adorable kittens running out of the grass. “Oh my gosh, I can’t take y’all,” the person on the video said.

Robert Brantley decided to record as he approached a small kitchen he saw in the road and said he was not prepared for what happened. The video shows the kittens swarmed Brantley’s feet, clearly all wanting the attention their sibling was getting. Brantley can be heard expressing his shock over the ambush.

There were 13 in all and Brantley loaded them up into his car and took them all home for a bath and some milk. Shortly after, he posted another video when all 13 kittens were loaded up in his car—he noted that “the tactical Honda was not prepared for this.” He posted an update on Instagram that also went viral “Anyone wanting a kitten at a screaming price? I’ll cut you a deal.” He soon received hundreds of adoption offers for the little ones.

Brantley said he believes the kittens were dumped and believes he pulled up right behind whoever had dumped them. He recalls seeing a car pull off to the side of the road and pull away not long after he arrived. He took them to a vet who commented they were in exceptional shape considering they had been abandoned. His wife Courtney set up an Amazon wish list and packages were being sent in from all over to help with things the kittens might need. All the kittens have been adopted.


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