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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects what you’ve worked to build

If you’re like most people, your income is very important because it enables you to take care of your loved ones, maintain your lifestyle, and work towards your long term goals. When you think about what it would be like to go without your income for a period of time due to injury or illness, it is most likely a worrisome topic.

You may not have enough in savings to support your needs, even temporarily. However, you have options. Disability insurance protects a portion of your income should you become injured or too sick to work. Disability insurance can save what you’ve worked so hard to build from the devastation of being unable to work due to an unexpected injury or illness. There are various packages—short term, long term, critical illness, and supplemental policies, but the idea behind all disability policies is to put you on stable financial ground even when you’re not able to work.

Take a look at some of the disability products we can offer you:

• Short term disability – Provides benefits for a short period of time. It begins on the eighth day of a disability and lasts up to six months.

• Long term disability – Provides long term benefits that typically start after the first 6 months of a disability & can last up until age 65.

• Critical illness – This insurance would provide a lump sum cash payment if you were diagnosed with a particular disease named on your policy.

• Supplemental disability – This insurance is coverage designed to fill in the gap between what you need & what your employer may provide for you.

We want to make sure you have the policy that is right for you

People have different needs when it comes to disability insurance. At Health Insurance 4 Everyone, our friendly and knowledgeable agents can help you plan the right policy to meet your needs. Disability insurance is a purchase you want to be sure to fully grasp and we can help explain the nuances of it to you.

We want to make sure that what you’ve built will be protected from loss should an unexpected setback take place in your life. Call us at 1.800.793.0471 for more information or a quote.

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