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10 months ago · by · Comments Off on Daily Trivia Contest Winners For The Week Ending: Sunday, March 29th, 2020.

Daily Trivia Contest Winners For The Week Ending: Sunday, March 29th, 2020.

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Daily Trivia Contest Winners For The Week Ending: Sunday, March 29th, 2020.

In an effort to broaden the company’s “social interaction” with our clients and FaceBook fans, Daily Trivia Questions are posted on both of our business pages. Here are the weekly standings for this past week, and the winner of the Sunday night Weekly Drawing for an AmEx/VISA gift card!     

Congratulations  – To this past week’s Trivia Contest Winner!!   Our latest contest winner for the weekly FaceBook HealthInsurance4Everyone/Health & Life Solutions, LLC Trivia Contest, drawn randomly by computer late Sunday evening, March 29th, 2020 was:



Winner Of A $25.00 AmEX/VISA Gift Card


Each day, fans who have “liked” either of our company FaceBook pages (HealthInsurance4Everyone  or Health & Life Solutions LLC) are able to test their skills with our Daily TRIVIA QUESTION.  The first 20 winners who post the correct answer to the TRIVIA QUESTION, will then get entered into the weekly drawing held late on Sunday evenings for a $25.00 Am Ex/Visa Gift Card.

Weekly Gift Card winners will be posted in our blog at this site.  Remember to become a FaceBook fan and “Like and Follow” either of our company pages to enter and post your answers. 


Trivia Last Weeks Winner



Trivia Winners & Drawing Entries 3/23/20 thru 3/29/20 are as follows:





Jennifer Ramlet


Amy L Sass


Kelsey Brooke Vinson


Jenai Merri


Rosanne Clark


Melissa Ann Stura-Bassett


Alyssa DiFazio


Geri Rus


Carla Marie


Derek Jennings


George Pownall


Tracy Heyer


Adaria Johnson


Kim Minton


Jane Peterson


Jennifer Vega


Vickie Gipson


Rebecca Crum


Kim Avery


Pamela White Brearley


Lisa Puckett








Kristina Rosson


Dawn Raasch


Mya Murphy


Jennifer Leffler


Tiffany Greene Elliott


Darlene Whyte


Mary Pettiford


Rhonda Grisham


Jennifer Ramlet


April Ashcraft


Dale Fish


Kim Avery


Christy Hawkes


Megan Dyer


Sean Stover


Hayley Cordaro


Nicole Blaha


Charlotte Dennis


Rosanne Clark


Geri Rus


Shannon Schleif







Alisa Jones


Kevin Cusack


Deborah Thomas


Tom JG


Jan Peoples


Maria Bouchard


Christina Radcliff


Brittany Seiler


Joanna Hacker


Jenai Merri


Geri Russ


Jennifer Garza


Betsy Domingue


Anna Nichols


Janice McKay Donahue


Tammy Lee Stookey


Kristina Harris


Holly Marie


Lucyna Dorota


Alana Diambro


Kimberly Snyder







Deborah Farris


Ashley Agner


Beth Kumjian


Diane Hamric


Jane Peterson


Mya Murphy


Misty Shallcross


Alyssa DiFazio


Sean Stover


Yolanda Ortega


Bea Patrick


Maryellen Davis


Nacole Patrick


Karyn Kohler


Christina Domingue


Jill Nagel


Michelle Schultz


Sarah Frank


Sonali Jain Modi


Maria Bouchard









Kimberly Snyder


Amy Conyers


Alisa Jones


Lori Sexton Leal


Maria Bouchard


Andrew W Sauer








Christy Hawkes


Alyssa DiFazio


Madeline Lonergan


Traci Anderson


Lauren Bradley


Stephanie McCoy


Jodi Stevens


Maria Bouchard


Jill Nagel


Jane Peterson


Shannon Scott


Nancy Pfirrman Schools


Linda Godin


Jeremy McLaughlin


Kelsey Brooke Vinson


Brandi K Chaney


Thomas Ryan Gan


Janice McKay Donahue


Marcy Lynn Coull


Mary Pettiford



Rochester MN Skyline



Be sure to watch both of our FaceBook pages for your chance to win and enter again next week, with questions posted daily on HealthInsurance4Everyone or at Health & Life Solutions, LLC!!

Remember that if you try your hand at answering the Trivia Question several days each week, your odds of winning the Sunday weekly drawing are much better. 

Also note that a number of the posted answers each day are from contestants who have forgotten to “Like” one of our pages, so their names WILL NOT be entered at the end week drawing for the gift card, giving our fans a better chance!

You may also find that if you “Like” BOTH of the business pages, you will receive faster notifications of the other players as they post their answers to compete with you!     Template Header Logo 2


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