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6 months ago · by · Comments Off on September Is ‘Life Insurance Awareness Month’.

September Is ‘Life Insurance Awareness Month’.

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Statistics On U.S. Adults & Households Lacking Life Insurance
SEPTEMBER is “Life Insurance Awareness Month“, an educational initiative to remind consumers about the importance of life insurance. The program is sponsored by the non-profit organization LIFE, the Foundation for Life Insurance Education, and is supported by our offices throughout the U.S. from Health & Life Solutions, LLC.
Why Life Insurance Awareness Month? There is a growing crisis of too many Americans not having adequate life insurance protection. Even more alarming, according to the industry association LIMRA* some 41% of U.S. adults have no life insurance, and 51% of households in the United States do not own any life insurance.
For those who do have coverage, most are concerned that the amount of protection they have is not enough. Your loved ones count on you to care for them and make sound financial decisions to protect them and your legacy. A properly structured life insurance program will help ensure your loved one’s financial security and protect what you value the most.     Free Savings Analysis Logo
Are you concerned about your own situation of…
* Owning enough life insurance coverage?
* Owning the right kind of policy for your needs and financial means?
* Who you can turn to for professional advice?
There are affordable options available to meet your needs. Do yourself a favor and re-evaluate your needs with a no-cost, no-obligation complimentary review of your life insurance coverage and beneficiary designations to put your mind at ease.
Whether your goal is to replace your income, pay off a mortgage or other debt, maintain your family’s lifestyle, legacy planning, or estate planning, we can explore life insurance protection solutions that meet your needs and your budget.
The sooner you take care of tomorrow, the more you’ll enjoy today! Please call us, or click-on the life insurance quote request link on this web site at , so that you can RELAX knowing that you’ve done something vitally important for your family and loved ones.
As licensed health and life insurance financial professionals with representatives located throughout the U.S., Health & Life Solutions, LLC and HEALTHINSURANCE4EVERYONE is proud to help support “Life Insurance Awareness Month”. We look forward to providing your complimentary consultation.    Get A Free Quote Logo
CALL: 1- 800 – 793-0471 Or, visit our website and “Request-A-Quote” at:
* 2011 life insurance ownership study by LIMRA, a life insurance and financial services consulting and research organization.
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