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1 week ago · by · 80 comments

Daily Trivia Contest Winners For The Week Ending: Sunday, October 8th, 2017.


In an effort to broaden the company’s “social interaction” with our clients and FaceBook fans, Daily Trivia Questions are posted on both of our business pages. Here are the weekly standings for this past week, and the winner of the Sunday night Weekly Drawing for an AmEx gift card!            

Congratulations  – To this past week’s Trivia Contest Winner!!   Our latest contest winner for the weekly FaceBook HealthInsurance4Everyone/Health & Life Solutions, LLC Trivia Contest, drawn randomly by computer late Sunday evening, October 8th, 2017 was:


Juanita Williams-Jones

Marion,  OH

Winner Of A $25.00 AmEx Gift Card


Each day, fans who have “liked” either of our company FaceBook pages (HealthInsurance4Everyone  or Health & Life Solutions LLC) are able to test their skills with our Daily TRIVIA QUESTION.  The first 20 winners who post the correct answer to the TRIVIA QUESTION, will then get entered into the weekly drawing held late on Sunday evenings for a $25.00 Am Ex Gift. Card

Weekly Gift Card winners will be posted in our blog at this site.  Remember to become a FaceBook “fan” on either of our company pages to enter and post your answers. 


Here are the daily contestants from last week’s Trivia Contest that were entered into the Sunday drawing:






Sarah Bellestri Shih

Carole Jacobs

Jill Nauyokas

Jennifer Ramlet

Beth Embrey

Chris Blythe

Megan McCarver

Anna Nichols

Christy Hawkes

Kendra George

Cheryl Hall

Juanita Williams-Jones

Tina Mimick

Sheila Carvell

Michelle Rayeske-Jeske

Laura Del Robertson Dougherty

Daniela Tapia

Crystal Gipson

Christina Radcliff

Kellina Fernell Murphy

France Camer

Leslie Wagner Hobson





April Ashcraft

Kelly Jo Francisco

Crystal Young

Amanda Peters

Alisa Jones

Sherry Lilly

Kathleen Hickman

Valerie Kuehn

Diane Hamric

Teena Sierson

Brandi K Chaney

Dawn Raasch

Christina Radcliff

Jessica Davis

Danielle Muniz

Be Schwerin

Kristen Raia Bowman

Daniela Tapia

Penny Fisher

Heather Marocco

Sheila Carvell




Jenifer Garza

Kristina Rosson

Cheryl Hall

Tonya Velazquez

Misty Shallcross

Lesa Moats

Mya Murphy

Jean Simmons Homfeld

Rachael Dakota-Two-Feather Smith

Trish Musgrave

Christy Hawkes

Kayla Clemons

Melissa Ann Stura-Bassett

Beth Hedmark

Maryellen Davis

Anna Nichols

Preeti Chand

France Camer

April Ashcraft

Karen Bondehagen

Sheila Carvell




Kelly Jo Francisco

Michelle Cervantes

Josh Francisco

Diane Hamric

Adaria Johnson

Belinda Haas

Rondi Clark-Conn

Kizzy Alvarez DeSantis

Sheila Carvell

Jamie Shapiro

Juanita Williams-Jones

Cassandra Berholtz

Mike Adamski

Dawn Raasch

Michelle R. Carlino

Nicole Blaha

Shona Ort

Ashley Stamey Phillips

Crystal Gipson

Geri Rus

Anne Delos Reyes-Villafuerte




Sarah Harrison

Mary Ann Cody

Jill Nauyokas

Bea Patrick

Chris Maxwell

Tabitha Sinks

Nikki Hunsacker

Samantha Maxwell

Carrie Strickland

Emily Rice Bowersock

Chris Blythe

April Ashcraft

Amanda Thomas

Alexandra Vindiola

Katrina Worford

Anna Nichols

Tanya Mattox

Ashley Agner

Alexandria Fields

Jeanine Jones

Carrie Mitchell

Stephanie Beckwith

Kimberly Taylor Hall




Jennifer Lang

Kimberly Taylor Hall

Jill Nauyokas

Holly Cajigas

Chris Blythe

Lori Marie Timms

Valerie Kuehn

Eleazar Ruiz

Jenn Hess

Jennifer Saavedra

Cheryl Hall

Jodi Stevens

Brandy MaRie Williams

Amanda Rosario

Jennifer Lee Clark

Joanie Waterman

Amy Chavis

Dawn Raasch

Kristen Raia Bowman

Christina Domingue




Joann Tompkins-Winborn

Jill Nauyokas

Valerie Kuehn

Sandy Nevels

Ashley Agner

Brandy MaRie Williams

Amy Marie Wilkinson

Chris Blythe

Paula Rivers

Isis Sample

Mary Ann Cody

Ashley Weaver

Deborah Farris

Fanny Wat

Mary Pettiford

Nelle Bailey

Michelle Michelle

Aarti DM

Mya Murphy

Bea Patrick

Kristina Harris

Sheila Carvell





Be sure to watch both of our FaceBook pages for your chance to win and enter again next week, with questions posted daily on HealthInsurance4Everyone or at Health & Life Solutions, LLC!!

Remember that if you try your hand at answering the Trivia Question several days each week, your odds of winning the Sunday weekly drawing are much better.  Also note that a number of the posted answers each day are from contestants who have forgotten to “Like” one of our pages, so their names WILL NOT be entered at the end week drawing for the gift card, giving our fans a better chance!

You may also find that if you “Like” BOTH of the business pages, you will receive faster notifications of the other players as they post their answers to compete with you!  


At Health Insurance 4 Everyone, we not only want to improve our customer service but also interact with our customers on a social media level that wasn’t available before. Interested in connecting with us?  Look us up on…. 


Twitter: Healthinsurane4  (Follow Us On Twitter To Receive Faster Notifications When Daily Trivia Questions Posted, & To Be Immediately Notified When Weekly AmEX Gift Card Winners Are Announced!!) 



Click-On for LinkedIn To Follow Our Posts: LinkedIn


Like us on facebook: HealthInsurance4Everyone or Health & Life Solutions, LLC


Over 54,000 Combined Fans/Followers To Our Social Media Sites, & We’re Growing Daily!


Follow Mark Shuster, Founder/Owner at Health & Life Solutions, LLC for daily health tips! 


Find out more about LegalShield, our corporate partner which gives you the power to talk to an attorney about any legal issue, and offering high-quality Identity Theft plans.





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    renault megane card not detected It is really not lawful for the technician to start out caring for your auto prior to legally approve them to do this, usually by putting your signature on a legal contract. Be mindful the things you approve the technician to do. You ought to only sign papers that come with a complete set of the appropriate improvements and their rates.

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